Book: Life on Hold

Nothing like the power of love, the strenght of faith, and the importance of relashionships.

Review C. Vélez

Dr. Carlos Velez, Oikos President

"Through this book journey with Ivonne on this adventure of faith."

Review B. Meza

Betty Meza, Promeza Founder

"A living testimony of God's supernatural power."

Review V. González

Valentin Gonzalez, author and journalist

"The most important thing in our relationship with God is discovering his love."

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Do you feel overwhelmed by challenges that seem insurmountable? Discover how embracing your journey can lead to profound transformation and healing.

Don’t let adversity put your life on hold indefinitely.

Jose Troconis
Jose TroconisElderly Care

I just finished reading your book. God's route for your miracle is moving and inspiring: in His time and with the instruments he chose.

Angela Valderrama
Angela ValderramaEntrepreneur

I have learned a lot and am planning to continue learning from you. You need a lot of courage to face your trials and stay victorious in this precious walk of life.

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Learn through Ivonne's story how to face your own trials with courage.

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Embrace Change

Use Ivonne's insights to start seeing your obstacles as opportunities.

Transform Your Life

Apply the lessons from Life on Hold to begin your path to recovery and joy.

Betty Meza
Betty MezaPromeza Marketing

My deepest admiration and gratitude for your courage, stopping in your journing, and put your "Life on Hold" to give us this manual.

Harold Caicedo
Harold CaicedoPastor

An emotional and hopeful story. It is the business card of a woman who maintained her courage and good humor despite her pain.

Carlos Velez
Carlos VelezOikos President

It is an honor and a privilege for me to recommend this literary jewel written by someone who's walked with her God.

Valentin Gonzalez-Bohorquez
Valentin Gonzalez-BohorquezAuthor and Journalist

It has a good balance and engages the reader, without it being a linear story. It will greatly help those who read it.