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Discover a miracle among us

Life on Hold tells the moving and true story of Ivonne Cabral, a woman who faced the greatest challenge of her life: a chronic illness that brought her to the brink of death. Through its pages, Ivonne shares her journey from diagnosis to the moment she received a double liver and kidney transplant, transforming her struggle into a source of inspiration and hope.

There is meaning in suffering

This book not only chronicles Ivonne’s battle against her illness but also invites you to reflect on the power of love, the strength of faith, and the importance of relationships in the toughest times. With an honest, intimate, and sensitive voice, Life on Hold is a must-read for those looking to find light in darkness, meaning in suffering, and a purpose amidst pain.

In its pages you will find:

  • Where is God when we suffer
  • How God embraces our vulnerability
  • The healing power of God’s love
  • The provision of hope during harsh times
  • The role of faith
  • The power of a community coming together
  • How to support someone you care for during a crisis
Ivonne's Fund: Life on Hold, book pile
Isbeth Chavez
Isbeth ChavezEducator

Now we have a Father that pushes the “Play” button to continue blessing us with greater sense and depth. Even the most painful holds can give us a better and only purpose in life: to live!

Camila Sabogal
Camila SabogalSocial Worker

Inspiring, challenging, and comforting! “Life on Hold” captivates from the first few lines. I thank you for sharing your transformation process under the fire of adversity with openness and honesty.

A Devotional Journey

Ideal for readers interested in true stories of overcoming, spirituality, and those facing chronic illnesses or challenging life situations. Find in this book a devotional guide to nourish your soul, strengthen your faith, and discover that, even in the hardest trials, we are not alone.

Life on Hold is a powerful testimony that reminds us that, with faith and determination, we can overcome any obstacle. Dive into Ivonne’s story and let her journey inspire you to look beyond your circumstances and embrace each day with gratitude and hope.