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Ivonne has influenced the lives of many, including her husband of 34 years, her two daughters, her friends, and hundreds of children that have learned the fundamentals of life in her classrooms.

An exceptional teacher

She started her professional career as a special education teacher in her home country, Venezuela, where she instructed many children with learning disabilities. Her compassion, unorthodox methods, and the sweetness of her smile helped hundreds of these children develop vocational abilities.

Years later she moved to Los Angeles in order to support of her husband who was completing a masters degree in Theological studies. She became a certified teacher in California with a focus on Pre-K to Kindergarten students and spread love in every classroom she worked. Her commitment gained the admiration of parents and colleagues alike. Today, some of her students, their parents, and colleagues are life-long friends.

A persistent woman

For more than 10 years, Ivonne fought the degenerative effects of Polycystic Kidney Disease. She had to stop working in 2014. The disease has limited her mobility, her energy levels, and her ability to assist others, which caused her a lot of pain because serving others had always been her life’s mission. During 2016-2017, she received dialysis treatment, which depleted her health even further.

A new life

Hundres of people joined forces to save her life. On May 25, 2017, she received a double-organ transplant of liver and kidney, at the Pablo Tobon Uribe hospital, in Medellin, Colombia. Even though the disease was not completely erradicated, her newly received organs brought her new life. One year after her complicated surgery, Ivonne is sharing her story to inspire many others who could be going through similar trying times.

If you would like to give life and express your love
in a practical and compassionate way,
the opportunity is always knocking at your door

We come in full humility to thank everyone who became part of her story and aided her recovery. If you know Ivonne, you are aware of how hard this process has been for her and her family. However, her life’s process is nowadays her best classroom, and her challenging message is encouraging many desperate people find purpose in the midst of life’s sturggles.

You can now enjoy her story and learn from her life lessons as condensed in her new book, Life on Hold.