Train on tracks

by Vladimir Lugo

I don’t even know where to start these lines… but, well, let me try from the beginning.

How did we meet

Ivonne has been the love of my life for more than 31 years. The day I met her I was driving my dad’s taxi. I was going to a rehearsal, and she was going to the same place. To my surprise, we both were part of our church’s acting crew.

She approached me and asked me: “Can we get a ride with you?” And well, you already know what I said, right? Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this story.

Ivonne was with a friend, and they both sat in the back. Who was her friend? I don’t remember, my eyes were set just on her and since I only have eyes for her.

I still can describe how she looked that day. She was wearing the radiance of the universe, a bubble-gum smile, and a pink and gray overall with stamps of old newspapers. Perhaps, that’s the only ‘old’ thing about our old story, because ever since we met, we’ve made our story anew. It blooms every time I tell it, and like the old newspapers of her dress, it has stayed printed in our eyes like breaking news.

Yes, I met her rehearsing for a play, while in heaven, we’re being cast as the main characters of a love story, the most sublime, funny, and heart-filled love story I’ve ever heard, seen… lived: Our story.

The day I met her she sat in the back, but the day after, month after, year after that, she’s only ridden in the front seat, tight next to me, through this our journey we called life.

The day I met her I was speechless; breathless… but since we steam together the mirror of our love story with every breath we take.

How do I feel

My emotions are all over the place as in that very first day. You see:

I am excited to see her through the window that opens every morning.

I am expectant of where our travels will take us next. And travel we must to the twilight.

I am reflexive observing life through her bright perspective. Always learning. Always becoming.

I am uncertain of the future, but uncertain our first encounter was, and it has been an awesome trip.

I am out of breath when I see her strength through her weaping pain.

I am fortunate that breath she has still and occasion it is to celebrate her every day. I honor her every day. I truly love her every day.

She asked for a ride, but I was the one stowaway rider in the wagon of her heart. And that made me the man I am.

How did you help

This is why I asked for your help. I want to continue driving for her, acting with her, breathing beside her, honorining her, and learning from her. It might just be the most selfish thing I have ever asked, but I had to ask.

You gave life and expressed your love
in a practical and compassionate way, thank you!

The love of my has recovered from a transplant to extended our lifestory a few more tracks. Thank you for your contribution, which picked us at this station and accompanied us into our next adventure.