Ivonne's roses

Ivonne is an exceptional daughter, sister, mother, and wife, but beyond all these roles, she is an exceptional human being. She has strengthened and encouraged all who have had the privilege of meeting her with her bright smile and kind words. Now is the time for us to strengthen her back.

Her disease

Ivonne’s health has been weakened over the past years due to a life threatening genetic condition. She suffers from Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). PKD is a genetic renal condition that causes cysts to grow and degenerates the kidneys and other vital organs. These cysts multiply and grow inside the organs and damage her normal functions. At this time there is no known cure for this disease.

In Ivonne’s case, these cysts have grown to disproportionate sizes causing her two kidneys and her liver to collapse, ultimately leading to complete kidney and liver failure. She suffers from constant pain, attends dialysis sessions three times per week, has been hospitalized several times when cysts rupture, and has to have excess fluid drained from her other organs.

Her solution

In order to save her life, Ivonne needed a double organ liver and kidney transplant. This transplant was performed in Colombia, because in California—as in the rest of the United States—obtaining priority for this kind of transplant can take up to 10 years. Ivonne did not have the luxury of time: the doctors gave Ivonne a three month window to have the surgery in order to survive the procedure because her liver and kidneys were degenerating so quickly. Her family and friends decided to find treatment alternatives in Medellin, Colombia, where she got the surgery and transplant on May 25, 2017. She has recovered well from it.

Your participation

Hundreds of people were moved to cover the costs of pre and post operative, and living expenses. We raised a total of USD $150,550.00, an amount way over the means of the family, but that we were able collect together, via our hard work, creativity, and generosity. It is amazing what we can accomplish together, when our minds and hearts are put to it.

If you would like to give life and express your love
in a practical and compassionate way,
the opportunity is always knocking at your door

We come in full humility to thank everyone who became part of her story and aided her recovery. If you know Ivonne, you are aware of how hard this process has been for her and her family. However, her life’s process is nowadays her best classroom, and her challenging message is encouraging many desperate people find purpose in the midst of life’s sturggles.