Boy giving rose

A Hope-filled Luggage Case

Hope filled luggage

by Diana Álvarez The only thing we need to get sick is to be healthy. That day comes when someone tells you your kidney function is insufficient. The best you can do is to get an organ transplant before you reach a stage when you will need dialysis. But you...

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Keep on swimming!

Butterfly swimming

by Vladimir Lugo I was dying. I was desperately gasping for air and struggling to remain above water. Sweating cold and thinking to myself, “why am I doing this,” I stopped; then rested for a couple of seconds. I looked back to see how far I had gone. “What? Half...

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A long time friend

Friendly hands

by Kleynin Catalano I am here today because Ivonne. I meet her and her husband at a gym over 10 years a go. I was passing by and heard them talk and laugh and I knew they had to be from Venezuela. I came up and introduced myself. Ivonne and...

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