It was all worth it

It was all worth it

by Ivonne Cabral

It was worth all worth it! Refacing some of the most painful moments I have lived in order to help mitigate other people’s painI deny myself so that others could find a “yes” to their hope. I face my worst nightmare in the very same place it happened so that others could embrace and caress their dream of a different life. Today I visited the dialysis center for the first time in two years.

When we got to the parking lot my heart was beating hard. I have so many mixed memories of pain and compassion of this place. But today, I proposed myself to replace them with new good memories; and so I did.

Every member of the medical and administrative staff I saw, every dietician and technician I met, showed their surprise, followed by a huge smile of genuine happiness, and a warm hug. There wasn’t much to add, really; they were in awe, their “wows” were followed by “you look so good!”so fast that I only had time to smile and quickly respond: “Let me tell you about what God did.”

Excellent medical teamcelebrating my recoveryThanking and sharing my story with them was a debt I had to pay. Why? Because it was my opportunity to show the fruit of a process that was painful for everybody. Not only the patients, but they also suffer; slaves and dependent, not on the dialysis machine, but on other things and circumstances of life.

Today I wanted to emphasize: “God is so real, timely, and miraculous; and he is readily available for you.” Some eyes filled with tears. It is my prayer that my words remain in their hearts as seeds of faith and salvationI did not get to see many of the patients I knew because they are not there any longer. Some have died while others are still fighting for their lives.

When we finished our visit, I got asked to share my story, both in a personal and digital way, I got invited to speak at the kidney health fairs, and got requested to work as an ambassador to help other patients and their family members. This is a missionary field; a perfect place to give back, to serve, and to honor God: “Here I am, Lord; send me.”

Thank you Dr. Rastogi


  1. Gracias por compartir. Pues si tú dijiste: “Heme Aquí al Señor” para este servicio, cuenta conmigo como tu apoyo en cualquiera de las actividades que necesites realizar. Eres una mujer de la que he aprendido mucho y quisiera seguir aprendiendo. Se necesita mucho coraje para enfrentar y seguir victoriosa en este camino precioso de la vida. Dios te dio una unción especial y compartirla es un privilegio. Te quiero mucho.

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