The Greatest Miracle

The greatest miracle

by Ivonne Cabral

The worst storm

I could tell you my story and talk about those moments I was sad, desperate, depressed, or suffering. Tell you about how many times I cried out to God to get rid of this condition in my body. I cried: “Please God, work a miracle! Work a miracle in me!” But the disease continued its fatal progression, unstoppable.

The Miracle was Happening

However, the miracle was happening. It was not happening in the way I thought it would or wanted to. But it happened inside of me. It happened there where no expert and skillful surgeon could ever reach. Deep inside of my heart. It changed my life’s vision.

I will never see the earthly struggles as an implacable and threatening enemy. Life’s difficulties have turned into opportunities to see God’s power manifest; they are a spiritual gym that enables me to become stronger. They are that place where spiritual aerobic exercises enable me to run this race of faith, to learn how to be more effective and productive in the destination and motive of my race. This speaks of destiny and purpose.

The greatest miracle

My priorities have changed. The true miracle was to recognize what is really important and relevant. The distractions that detoured me from building my character and raising a family in accordance to God’s heart, were removed. When I understood how feeble life is, I was able to embrace eternity.

The greatest miracle was to learn how to live each minute as a gift.

My ears opened up to listen the invitation to dance in the warmth of a new day, caressed by the breeze of a new awakening that anticipates the best of my life is to come.

Why do I have this big hope for a good future and this big enjoyment of my new life? Because I was sick. I was sick of axiety for tomorrow. I was sick of wanting to do everything by my own strength. I was sick of insatisfactions. I was sick of “wanting to have… but I did not have.” I was sick of ingratitude and selfishness.

Today, I do not want to focus on the worst storm of my life but the result it produced… the greatest miracle God has made: A new me.

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